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Lists are simple and minimalist database views. They're ideal for storing notes, articles, and documents that don't need too many properties. Every item in a list is a page that can be opened with one click and store as much content as you need 📜

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Here's how to to add a list database to Notion:

  1. Create a new page in your workspace.

  2. Under Get started with, click the ••• and then List.

If you want to create an inline list, type /List view on any page and press enter.

Note: Expand inline databases to full page by clicking  at the top right. Hover over the top of your database to see its option menus. Click ••• to see the PropertiesFilter, and Sort options.

Add list view to a database

You can add a list to an existing database to view its data in that format. More on views here →

  1. Click + at the top left of your database.

  2. Select List from the dropdown menu.

Edit list properties

In lists, all the properties assigned to an item appear at the far right to label and tag it with helpful information and context.

To edit properties in your list:

  • Click Properties at the top right of your list, then + Add a property.

  • Not all properties in your list need to be visible in your list itself. In the Properties menu, switch on and off what you want visible or hidden.

  • You can also add new properties that apply to your whole list in page view by opening an item as a page and clicking + Add a property at the bottom of the list of properties.

  • Edit an existing property by clicking ⋮⋮ to the left of it in the Properties menu. This lets you rename it, choose a different property type for it, duplicate it or delete it.

Rearrange rows & properties

Switch up how your list is ordered with drag-and-drop on desktop or browser.

  • For items, hover, then click and hold the ⋮⋮ icon on the left to drag it up or down.

  • Reorder the way properties display by going to Properties and dragging the listed properties up or down using the left ⋮⋮ icon as a handle.


How can I turn a full page database into an inline database?

  1. If it's not already, drag the database from your sidebar into another page. It will become sub-page

  2. Go to that page, click the ⋮⋮ button next to the database sub-page and select Turn into inline.

    • Click the ⋮⋮ button and select Turn into page to change it back.

Is there a way to skip the modal view, and always Open as Page by default?


  1. Click the ••• at the top right of your database.

  2. Under Layout, click Open pages in and select Full page.

How can I include an emoji in a tag, such as "🔥Urgent"?

Use your computer's emoji picker to include emojis in-line on a Notion page, or anywhere else on your computer! Here are shortcuts to bring up the picker:

Mac: ctrl + cmd + space

Windows 10: windows key + . or windows key + ;

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