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In Notion, you can easily replicate content or repeat actions you use frequently — essentially creating your own templates within a page 🍣

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Many of our workflows include small routine tasks like making a meeting agenda or changing the status of tasks. With a button, you can accomplish a lot of repetitive tasks with the click of a button.

To create a button:

  • Type / and search for Button

  • Label the button and add an emoji

  • Add steps and click Done

Insert blocks

Insert any text above or below the button. Any content blocks (like checkboxes, bullets, toggle lists, etc.) that you can use on a page, you can include in this text box.

  • Add a step and select Insert blocks

  • Use the text box to create a template for what you’d like to appear when the button is clicked.

  • Click Done or Add another step

Add pages to…

Add a page row to a selected database with any selected properties.

  • Add a step and select Add pages to...

  • Choose the database you’d like to add a page to and if you'd like to use a template

  • Add a name

  • Add any properties to edit

  • Click Done or Add another step

Edit pages in…

Edit pages in a selected database. You can choose to edit all pages or certain pages based on a filter.

  • Add a step and select Edit pages in...

  • Choose the database you’d like to edit

  • Select Edit all pages in the database or create a filter to find the right pages

  • Add any properties to edit

  • Click Done or Add another step

HC: Buttons Edit Page

Show confirmation

Prompt a small confirmation screen anytime someone clicks the button. Include these anytime you want to ensure a page or database is not being changed accidentally.

  • Add a step and select Show confirmation

  • Edit the confirmation message and buttons if needed

  • Click Done or Add another step

Open page

This will open a selected page upon clicking the button. This could be a existing page or a page that was created within the button itself.

  • Add a step and select Open page

  • Select the page you’d like to open and in what view to open it

  • Click Done or Add another step

  • Hover over your button and click ⋮⋮ in the left margin. Or click the ••• icon that appears to the right. You can also right click. All of these actions will bring up the same menu.

  • Click Delete to remove your button entirely. You'll have to remake it to bring it back.


How do I create templates for nested content?

Nested content is any kind of content that lives inside another content block, for example: pictures and text within a page, or a to-do list within a toggle list.

  • Create some content you'd like to replicate and drag it into a page or toggle list.

  • Create a Template Button and drag the page or toggle list into the Template section of the configuration form.

  • Hit Close and drag your Template Button to the most useful location on your page.

Can I use an @-tag such as @today inside a template button?

Yes! You'll be able to specify whether you want the @-mention to input the fixed date/user, or the date/user upon duplication.

What permission level does one need to interact with a button?

A user must have Full access or Can edit permissions to interact with a button on a page.

If the button is interacting with or making changes to another page or database, additional permissions will be required.

Add page: Must be editor of the target database.

Edit pages: Must be editor of the target database.

Open page: Must have read access of the target page.

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