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Notion allows you to sync content blocks across multiple locations. With synced blocks, you can edit all these instances at the same time 🔄

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Syncing content across pages

To sync content across pages, simply copy one or multiple blocks from one page, paste in another, then select Paste and sync.

  • Drag across blocks to select content to sync, then copy (cmd/ctrl + C).

  • Navigate to another page and paste (cmd/ctrl + V).

  • Select Paste and sync. Your content now syncs across pages.

  • Synced content are indicated by a red ring. Editing in one page will change other instances in real time.

  • To sync the content in additional places, click Copy and sync, then paste in your intended destination.

Note: If a user doesn't have access to the page containing the original block, they won't be able to see the synced block anywhere else. Make sure to give the right users permission to see the original block.

Syncing within the same page

Synced blocks also work inside the same page! You can convert any existing content in your workspace into a synced block, then paste to create a copy.

  • Select the existing blocks by dragging across them with your cursor.

  • Click the ⋮⋮ block handle to the left of the selection. Select Turn intoSynced block to make selected blocks syncable.

Tip: The slash command /turnsync can also be used to convert an existing block into a synced block!

  • Click Copy and sync, then paste in the same page.

Other ways to sync

You can add new synced blocks from scratch:

  • Add a new synced block with /syncedblock or with the + menu

  • Add new content directly within, or drag existing content into the synced block.

  • Click Copy and sync and paste in any destination to create a synced copy.

  • Hovering over content synced across different pages will show a red border, making it easy to identify.

  • Click on a synced block to edit and add content within. You can also drag other blocks into the synced block.

  • In the synced block menu, you see a message:

    Editing in ↙ # other pages that indicates the number of pages in which the synced block exists.

  • Clicking on Editing in ↙ # other pages will allow you to view and navigate to any of those other locations.

Tip: In this menu, the original synced block will have ORIGINAL next to it.

Unsyncing a copy

If you want to unsync a copied block from the rest:

  • Click ⋮⋮ block handle to the left of the block, or ••• in the menu.

  • Then, click Unsync.

  • This specific content has now been unsynced. Other synced blocks will be unaffected.

Unsync all

If you want to unsync all synced blocks at once:

  • Navigate to the original synced block. You can do this by clicking Editing in ↙ # other pages and then the backlink labelled ORIGINAL.

  • Click ⋮⋮ block handle to the left of the block, or ••• in the menu.

  • Then, click Unsync all.

  • All iterations of this content has now been unsynced, turning the associated blocks into individual duplicates.


I added a synced block to another page, but no one else can edit it.

Whomever you share the page with needs to have edit access to the original block to be able to edit any synced copies.

Synced blocks aren't appearing on a page that I exported.

Sorry about that! Unfortunately synced blocks aren't supported in exports yet. We do plan on adding this feature soon, but thanks for bearing with us in the meantime.

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