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As part of our first international brand campaign we shared three stories, with characters inspired by members of our community. Explore each of their workspace templates, then duplicate and personalize it!

In startup founder Camilla Alvarez's workspace, you'll see her working to close a key hire for her startup, all while keeping up with her exercise routine and other healthy habits.

First-time dad Erik Nilsson finds himself starting over after being laid off. He uses his workspace to embark on a new career journey, joining a web design bootcamp while raising his energetic toddler.

College student Botan Kimura spends his days helping his grandparents run their family bakery while keeping up with his schoolwork. Peruse his workspace to see how he manages bakery inventory and study groups.

1. Camilla’s workspace

A template preview for Camilla’s workspace

Camilla Alvarez represents all the founders nurturing a growing startup as well as their own healthy personal lives. Explore her workspace, featured in our video story, “” Inside, you’ll see how she manages both her personal habits and her startup OS in Notion.

Right now, Camilla’s focused on hitting her daily workout goal and hiring a Head of Engineering, but her dashboards change as her priorities do. Duplicate her entire workspace to get everything from her workout tracker to her engineering interview guidelines, then make it your own.

2. Erik’s workspace

A template preview for Erik’s workspace

Erik Neilson represents everyone starting their next chapter in life, whether whether they’re changing careers or becoming a first-time parent. Recently laid off from his job, he decided to pivot to web design, learning new skills through a bootcamp — all while raising an energetic toddler.

Explore Erik’s workspace, featured in our video story, “” Inside, you’ll see how he’s building both his family plans and his portfolio in Notion. You can duplicate everything from his meal prep database to his design portfolio, then make it your own.

3. Botan’s workspace

A template preview for Botan’s workspace

Botan Kimura represents all the students balancing family and work — while staying focused on their own academic pursuits. Explore his workspace, featured in our video story, “” Inside, you’ll see how he’s managing both his grandparents’ bakery and his own studies in Notion.

Botan’s day-to-day is packed with bakery tasks, recipe planning, and group projects with classmates. Duplicate his entire workspace to get everything from his shift scheduler to his course notes, then make it your own.

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