Best Design Sprint Templates for Designers

Design Sprints allow designers to innovate and validate ideas quickly, dramatically reducing the time it takes to bring products to the market. A well-structured Design Sprint template in Notion can guide teams through this rapid process, ensuring all critical steps are efficiently managed and collaborative insights are effectively integrated.

Before diving into the creation of your own Design Sprint template, take a moment to explore these selected templates to streamline your process and make it more manageable.

1Design Sprint

This template is designed to help design teams continuously track and iterate on their projects, from creative sprints to finished projects based on user feedback.

A template preview for Design Sprint

2UX Project Structure

This template provides the perfect starting point for a New UX Project. Use the structure proposed in it to start documenting your project and slowly unpack the design problem space you're solving for.

A template preview for UX Project Structure

3MINI_Architect Project Management

Discover the MINI template, a simplified solution for managing architecture projects. This user-friendly framework is designed to streamline your workflow, although it does require manual inputs from users due to its limited Notion automation. Despite this, it serves as an efficient tool for architects seeking a straightforward approach to project management. Explore the possibilities with the MINI template and simplify your architectural projects today.

A template preview for MINI_Architect Project Management

4Definition of Ready Checklist

The Definition of Ready (DoR) is a crucial concept in agile development that outlines the criteria a user story must meet before it can be implemented. This checklist will provide teams with a comprehensive framework for effectively defining the DoR and by following it, teams can ensure that user stories are well-prepared, reducing ambiguity and improving efficiency.

A template preview for Definition of Ready Checklist

5Design Sprint

The Design Sprint template for Notion is a powerful tool for teams looking to tackle complex challenges and create innovative solutions. With a structured and collaborative approach, teams can ideate, prototype, and test their ideas in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Whether you're launching a new product, exploring a new market, or looking to solve a complex problem, our template can help you achieve your goals and create a better future for your business and your customers.

A template preview for Design Sprint

6Designer Project Tracker and Client Portal

Powered by the new Notion projects feature, this template helps designers and design studios manage tasks across projects. It also comes with an inspiring and on-brand client portal where all client conversations, feedbacks and approvals take place. All project resources and references are also organized in the client portal. A full walkthrough of the template can be found here:

A template preview for Designer Project Tracker and Client Portal

7UX Design Sprint

It helps manage teams, resources, and deliverables to ensure the sprint stays on schedule. It guides users through the entire design sprint process, from setting sprint goals to delivering final prototypes. It includes customizable sections for sprint goals, team roles, sprint schedules, resources, and deliverables The template is suitable for both seasoned UX designers and beginners.

A template preview for UX Design Sprint

8Design Sprint Notion Template

Use this Design Sprint Notion Template to confidently execute a 5-day design sprint, tackling whatever problem is facing your company. This comprehensively designed template is an out-of-the-box solution that will help your team, identify the root cause of an issue, sketch, and vote on solutions, then validate a prototype through user feedback. Loaded with Notion AI prompts to keep the synergy flowing and to help you arrive at a validated solution quicker!

A template preview for Design Sprint Notion Template

9Deterministic Matrix Analysis

In order to turn this information into actionable and valuable resources, I designed this "deterministic Matrix analysis" template. This Notion template is designed to help you integrate, categorize, and gradually transform this information to provide clear guidance for the analysis and design of project requirements.

Better project requirements management

"Deterministic Matrix Analysis" is not just a tool, it is your right hand in the project. By categorizing information into certain, assumed, doubtful, and undetermined states, you can better understand, manage, and communicate requirements, reducing misunderstandings and information loss.

From chaos to clarity

Information in a project is often scattered across various channels and sources, which can easily lead to confusion. With deterministic matrix analysis, you are able to integrate this fragmented information into a structured template to pick out valuable clues from the chaos.

Provide a solid foundation for design

Transforming uncertainty into certainty is a key step in design. With deterministic matrix analysis, you can translate uncertainty information in a project into design constraints earlier, providing a solid foundation for creating more valuable and attractive designs.

Focus and promote efficiently

Categorization of information and summary of conclusions allow you to focus on what is important and make efficient decisions as the project moves forward. This helps reduce unnecessary delays and conflicts, allowing you to focus more on design creation and project realization.

A template preview for Deterministic Matrix Analysis

10Project Management: Design Sprints

The template allows teams to easily plan and execute design sprints. Its designed to be used on its own or to be plugged in to a bigger project management template.

A template preview for Project Management: Design Sprints

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